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Need swift and easy access to documents published in
the Official Journal of the European Communities ?

The Official Journal is the main publication of EUR-OP. It is comprised of three separate entries: 

  1. L series contains all new European Union legislative acts.
  2. C series contains:
  3. - preparatory legislation
    - questions from Members of the European Parliament to the European Committee and Council of Ministers
    - progress reports of cases before the Court of Justice
  4. S series contains several hundred new public tenders issued daily and is searched through TED

EUDOR is a document delivery system which can be used to search, select and order documents from the L and C series, merger decisions, consolidated legislation and COM documents. 

Searches are performed via a query form and results come from a database which contains the table of contents of Official Journal editions. Searching is free. 

You can selectively order the documents you choose online and have them delivered to your office by fax, mail or directly over the Internet.  The documents you order are actual images or facsimilies of the original published documents.

Delivery prices for fax and mail are based on a fixed rate per document page, plus delivery charges. Direct download from the Internet incurs no delivery charge.


Updating:  Daily with that day's edition of the Official Journal.
Languages:  English, French and nine other European Union languages. 
Period covered:  Rapidly increasing from the most recent reaching back to the 1950's.